Ocean Aire is a certified Cessna Pilot Center and a FAA certified Part 141 flight school. What does that mean to you? It means you will be able to learn in Cessna airplanes and have structured training under constant inspection by the FAA. Other schools under part 61 are not required to have FAA involvement. 


Our G430/G530 flight sim is now FAA approved. Link-------->FAA Letter of Authorization as a BATD

Our G1000 flight sim is now FAA approved. Link ------> FAA Letter of Authorization as a BATD

Ocean Aire, at Ocean County Airport - KMJX - has just added two new simulators.
These sims are super realistic and the hardware is what you have in the airplane.

Train like you're in the airplane - but without the distractions and high cost of the actual airplane.
Here's what they look like.





This is the sim with the Garmin 1000 This is the sim with the Garmin 430W/530W

These sims will make your practice and training much more efficient and will save you money.

Use the sims to:
 Become an expert with the GPS - learn how to use every button and knob.
 Practice all phases of IFR flying - including Departures, Enroute,  Holds, Approaches, and Missed Approaches.
Get proficient at entering and modifying flight plans
Learn each unit's idiosyncrasies so you don't get surprised in the airplane - the worst place for surprises.  For example, learn when "Direct To" is not the most direct option.

Learn and practice emergency procedures - know what to do in the event of an engine, control, and avionics malfunction.
Use the sim to "fly" a trip before actually doing it in the airplane.
Because these sims have the same hardware as the airplane, you'll transfer what you do in the sim directly and accurately to the airplanes.

Both simulators can be configured as either a single- or multi-engine airplane.  A sim is the ideal tool to learn and practice multi-engine procedures - especially emergencies!

Engine failure simulations are extremely realistic.  You can do single-engine approaches in a multi or even dead-stick landings in a single. You can also practice engine failures immediately after take-off  - in both single and multi configurations.  This will help instill the habits that will ensure that you are always prepared for these emergencies.

Plus, the FAA now approves the use of a sim to maintain IFR proficiency - WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR!

The regular rate for each sim is $50 / hour, plus instructor.  You can bring your own instructor (instructors must register with Ocean Aire) or use the sims without an instructor.

For a limited time buy a Block of 5 - hours and take $5.00 off per hour. And, increase your savings by buying a Block of 10 hours and Take 10.00 off per hour.

NOTE: FAA approval of these sims as a BATD is complete. 

Call or Text Mark Mizrahi at 732-996-4926 to schedule your lesson now.




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