Here at Ocean Aire you will learn to fly with our experienced instructors and Cessna's Web-Based Instruction kit. You'll learn everything you need to know, not only to pass your exam, but also to be a knowledgeable, competent pilot. And thanks to Cessna's Web-Based Instruction format, you'll do it without ever opening a book or stepping into a classroom. Study wherever you go. At home. At the office. Even while traveling. You'll watch presentations by top aviation educators, see dramatic, enlightening in-flight footage, take interactive quizzes, learn interesting trivia, and prepare for upcoming lessons before you ever climb into the airplane. Cessna's Web-Based Instruction  program is the only integrated flight-training system in existence. Integrated means that both the ground and flight training segments are "paired" so that retention rates are higher and learning is faster.


Cessna's Web Based Instruction Kit is all you need to get started.

Kit includes logbook and E6B plotter.





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